How to build a Dapp - Interacting with a smart contract using React and Ethers / useDApp

How to interact with your smart contract using React, useDApp and Ethers ?
In the first tutorial we made a simple smart contract for our tower and deployed it to rinkeby testnet blockchain.
In this second video we create a frontend with React and interact with the deployed smart contract using Ethers library and useDApp framework.

What you'll learn :

  • How to check if a wallet is installed, connect it to your website and check if it is connected to the correct chain
  • How to create transactions and create new floors on the tower
  • How to get the event logs from your contract

Useful links :
The final Dapp you will build

The final tutorial code


Mantine (the UI framework we'll be using in this web3 course)



To get further :
The excellent CryptoZombies courses

Web3js (not used but might be interesting)

If you can't wait for the next videos :

React Three Fiber

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